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Georgia's story

01 Aug 2020

For her physical activity, Georgia Boylan gained international recognition as a 4th Degree Black Belt in the martial art Choi Kwang Do.

Georgia’s dedication and perseverance helped her become one of only a handful of women in Scotland to achieve the award.

While Georgia’s been practicing the art for many years, she credits her Gold DofE Award for helping her achieve her 4th Degree. She said: “Doing Choi Kwang Do as part of my Gold Award allowed me to be more determined and focussed on my goals. It added value to my achievement in martial arts.”

Georgia said it was “quite an achievement for me to do my 4th degree as part of my Gold Award. Since then I’ve gone on to open a school with a good friend of mine. We volunteer our time to teach martial arts to young and old.”

Overall, Georgia credits her Gold Award with helping her to “have a focus outside of school. Juggling my DofE activities helped me learn to prioritise and manage my time. It’s also built up my determination. I’m very proud of everything I achieved as part of my Gold Award.”

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