The Do It 4 Youth challenge is now closed.  

It’s been incredible to see over 7,000 challengers come together. They’ve run, climbed, baked, swam, given up chocolate, litter picked, learnt languages and even knitted jumpers!

You name it, our incredible Do It 4 Youth challengers have done it and we’re truly grateful. 

Do It 4 Youth has raised over £150,000 which will help to support young people from the toughest backgrounds across the UK to build life-long belief in themselves through the DofE, like Tom. 

"I have Down’s Syndrome so I am very pleased I was able to participate and succeed with my DofE alongside my ‘mainstream’ friends. The team recognised my abilities and treated me with respect and working with the other cadets to achieve my goals was inspiring", says Tom.

Whilst Do It 4 Youth has come to an end, there are still lots of ways you can help us to support even more young people. 

Together we can help any young person be ready for anything.

Thank you so much for taking part.  


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Some of our incredible challengers:

Diva Kothari

Get Up challenge: Cycling

Skill Up challenge: Discovering the art of mandala

Free Up challenge: Giving up chocolate and junk food

Hand Up challenge: Cooking meals for the community 

Michelle Wood

Get Up challenge: Walking and cycling

Skill Up challenge: Knitting and sugarcraft

Free Up challenge: Giving up chocolate and cake

Hand Up challenge: Giving out smile bags in the community

Vir Walia

Get Up challenge: Swimming and running

Skill Up challenge: Cooking 

Free Up challenge: Give up unhealthy foods

Hand Up challenge: Washing cars and gardening

Sue Clegg

Get Up challenge: 100 mile walk

Skill Up challenge: Scanning, labelling, organising and digitising photo

Free Up challenge: Getting up and going to bed earlier

Hand Up challenge: Offering words of encouragement to others

Do It 4 Youth

4 challenges. 4 weeks. All for youth.

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