Free Up: the willpower one

Choose your own willpower challenge or use our ideas for inspiration. 

Go plastic free

Take a look around your home and see how you can go plastic free.

Go TV free

Can you challenge yourself to go TV free? Try another activity instead such as reading a book or doing a jigsaw. 

Go sugar free

Can you challenge yourself to swap those sugary drinks for something else, such as herbal tea or water?

Go meat free

Swap your usual beef burger, steak or chicken for something non-meat based.

Go alcohol free

Can you challenge yourself to go alcohol free and enjoy other beverages instead?

Go chocolate free

It's delicious but can you live without it for a while?

Free up time

Whether it's avoiding that lie in or helping out a family member with chores, see how you could free up time for yourself or someone else. 

Free up talking

You could take a break from sending text messages, emails or phone calls. How can you challenge yourself?

Go social media free

Can you take a break from social media? Challenge yourself and see what you could do with that time instead. 

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