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Life has never been tougher for young people growing up today. Even more so for young people battling poverty, a physical or mental health condition, or who are differently able.

It’s never been more important to equip young people with the skills, sense of possibility, and resilience they need to succeed. This is why the DofE was founded, it’s what we do.

Anna’s story

Until the age of five, Anna suffered physical abuse at the hands of her biological father. She remembers being pushed down stairs and would regularly turn up to school with bruises.

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Daniyal’s story

Until his DofE expedition Daniyal had never been outside a city. The countryside, cows and camping were all new to him, and he’s never looked back.

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Jade’s story

In June 2008, age 15, Jade lost both her legs beneath the knee after they were crushed in an accident. A month later, she was beginning the process of walking again. A few months after that, she was off on her DofE expedition.

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Rachel’s story

Living with a disability, “that’s not possible” is a phrase Rachael has got used to hearing. She tends to ditch the first two words at every opportunity. So, when it came to her DofE, not doing it was never an option.

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