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change a life

Help us raise £1 million, so we can help 25,000 young people facing barriers to start their DofE.

Choose a challenge, raise funds and help us change the lives of young people.

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Challenge yourself, change a life

When young people are challenged to achieve more than they think they can, it changes their life forever. Every young person, regardless of background, deserves the opportunity to realise what they’re capable of.

At the moment, we aren’t able to reach all those who need us. There are currently thousands of young people who want to access the life-changing impact of the DofE but face barriers. That could be a physical, mental health, or financial barrier.

We're raising £1 million so that 25,000 young people facing barriers can start their DofE.

It’s time to take on a challenge, raise money and change a young person’s life.


  • Anonymous just donated £23.10
  • Heather Robertson just donated £31.50
  • Wendy Trueman just donated £21
  • Penny Gunn just donated £10.50
  • Heather Stewart just donated £26.25
  • Sanders & Beth just donated £31.50
  • Gordon Gunn just donated £23.10
  • Katy Henderson just donated £31.50
  • Adrian Raith just donated £52.50
  • Lynn Rosie just donated £21
  • Anna Swanson just donated £31.50
  • Vera Hollick just donated £23.10
  • Joe Wright just donated £26.25
  • Ryan Gow just donated £31.50
  • Michelle Campbell just donated £20
  • David Macleod just donated £10.50
  • Stephanie McNeill just donated £10.50
  • Scott Young just donated £10
  • Jeanette Farquhar just donated £5.25
  • Judy Taylor just donated £31.50

Top fundraisers

Some of the amazing Challengers raising funds to support young people.

Age 15, Jade lost both her legs beneath the knee after they were crushed in an accident.

“The thing about the DofE is, it’s tough and sometimes you want to give up. But once you’ve gone so far, you can’t give up – you have to get yourself to the end. Then you realise what you’re capable of.”

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Looking for inspiration?

From knitting and kayaking, to cooking and cycling, bingo to basketball, ping-pong to painting – take inspiration from our Challenge ideas and discover there’s more in you than you thought.

Challenge yourself, change a life


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