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For more than six decades, the DofE has empowered young people to develop skills for work and life, to become more confident and resilient, to make new friends and give back to others. The DofE was set up to support young people as nations rebuilt and reinvented themselves in the decade after the second world war. Now, the world is about to do the same again following the coronavirus pandemic. The charity has predicted a £5 million deficit this year as a result of Covid-19 so I’m taking on the virtual DofE Adventure to transform the prospects of the COVID generation and support the DofE at a crucial time. With hundreds of thousands of young people doing their DofE across the UK, the charity has a critical role to play in this crisis and beyond; to be there for young people who need it most when they need us most. There has never been a more important time to support young people in the UK.

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Saturday 19th Sep
Including today, there are 11 days left to reach my goal.  I'm getting close with distance, and depending on the day, I'm either 4th or 5th in the nation in terms of distance.  It won't take much to be 1st for fundraising.  Please consider donating.  To my friends in the states: your dollars are welcome.  

September update

Saturday 5th Sep

 I had grandiose intentions of doing a couple updates throughout August, but I never got around to it.  Probably because I was so busy getting steps in!  In my sitting hours, I completed training for the Google Certified Educator Level 2 test.  It paid off: I passed.

Speaking of intentions (this clause is dedicated to Brayden), my initial intention was to cover 1,000 km over the months of August and September.  It sounded challenging but doable.  Then, depending on which country you're in, I did the maths or math.  One thousand kilometres equates to over 16 km a day.  Considering I'm back at work now, this probably isn't realistic.  I feel a little deflated but it's like me to bite off more than I can chew (and numbers aren't my thing) so I'd like to set a goal that I can achieve. 

So... my new goal is to cover at least 805 km (500 miles).  I'd also like to raise £805 (if you're not good with numbers either, that's £1 for every km covered) to support young people in their Duke of Edinburgh adventures.  I was involved in extracurricular activities at school, and for me, they enhanced my experience.  I also suffered with some mental health issues last fall and exercise has been key in getting my mind right.  Children have suffered without the safety of school and when they return to classrooms on Monday, we'll begin to discover the extent of this trauma.  The Duke of Edinburgh Award, for many, will be their saving grace.  They'll learn skills, make friends and create memories.

I thoroughly enjoyed lockdown: with the gyms closed, I started running again; we built a home gym; I learned how to edit videos; I communicated with my niblings more often; once I could buy flour, I ate my weight in banana bread... I will look back on 2020 favourably (especially if there's Eagles games).  I know that my experience is not a shared one.  As a teacher, lockdown made the difference between the haves and have nots frighteningly apparent.  It served as a reminder that teaching is more than instilling knowledge - another important job I have as an educator is to keep children safe... and that's really hard to do remotely.  

 The tabulation for August comes in at just over 420 kilometres which puts me on track to complete over 800 km for this challenge. Our students return to school on Monday.  I'm looking forward to welcoming students back on Monday.  I know they're going to love my Eagles masks (thanks Mom).  Those who participate in DofE will appreciate my steps and your support.  So thank you for any donation you can make. 

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Amanda Wright


Ellie Marks

You can do it! Love Ellie, Tom and Florence x


June Brunelle

I am proud of you sissy!



Lots of ❤️ to you!


Helen Hargreaves

Fabulous cause. This organisation has been an amazing experience for my son


Pinky Wright

You're my favourite child. The other two will never compare to you.


Jonathan Torrell


Chris Koehler

Good Luck!


Lauren Wright

Those long walks to The Nip make more sense now...good luck hitting your goal ❤️


Steven Chapman

Congratulations on your achievement.


Alysha Houlder-moat

Well done Amanda!! Very proud of you and thank you so much for supporting us!! Xx


Charlotte Cowles


Andrew Wright


Bill Abrams

Good luck sweetheart


Bernadette Lubeskie

Love ❤️ you!!!


Lesley Marks

Run, run, run like the wind!


Amanda Gibbins

Fantastic stuff! Well done!


Caroline Harper

Not far now!


Judith France

A very impressive achievement a great cause!


Claire Pike

You are just mad and amazing all at the same time!


Steve Y

well done Amanda 👏


Vicky Proctor

Good job!!!!


Natalie Carlton

Fly, Eagle!


Sarah York

Keep it going! Well Done Amanda xx


Andrew Corder

Well done Amanda!


Jacky Church

Well done Amanda xx


Lou White


Sarah Robinson


Julie Bowyer

Well done



Keep putting one foot in front of the other!


Samantha Mckay

You've got this! 🏃🏼‍♀️


Caroline Harper


Matt Knott

Great going running buddy!!!


Rachel M Stewart

Fantastic effort, well done!


Jane Sadler

An ale is well deserved!


Alix And Mark Birks


Mrs Katie Pleasant

Great work Amanda!


Mandy Fisher

Keep going Amanda, you can do it!


Marie Taylor

Super Woman!!

Supporting young people every step of the way