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I’m fundraising for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

I'm taking on a challenge and fundraising for the DofE in support of young people across the UK.

The DofE help young people build life-long belief in themselves, supporting them to take on their own challenges, follow their passions, and discover talents they never knew they had. Because when you prove to yourself that you’re ready for anything, nothing can hold you back.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the UK’s youth facing more challenges than ever. As young people come out of lockdown, the DofE offers any and every young person the chance to build life-long skills and belief regardless of ability, interest or background. To feel able to do anything, achieve anything and overcome anything life throws their way, whatever their circumstance.

We're raising funds for the DofE so disadvantaged young people can take part in the DofE and build life-long belief in themselves and be ready for anything.

Please donate and help make a huge difference to young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the life-changing benefits of the DofE.

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Friday 20th Aug
I have undertaken the four challenges over a 6 week period, (end of June and July) with plenty of successes, small wins, slow gains, and I am happy that I didn't let anyone, including myself, down. The last time I did a sponsored slim, for example, I ended up putting on weight!

I managed to lose 7.7 kg of my 10kg target over the 6 week period, which I will take! I have a better approach to food now, thanks largely to the support of my family.

I had two gym assessments, 6 weeks apart, and visited the gym for a gym session, or swim, or both 19 times over the 6 weeks which is roughly every other day. The secret I was told is to make your time in the gym short and focusses.

I continue to cut my neighbours grass and take out/in the bins out as needed. 

It is only permissible to donate blood every 12 weeks, so thats about 4 times a year, however I donate blood products, (platelets) for which it is possible to donate every fortnight throughout the year. This meant that I was able to donate twice during the 6 week period and again just a few days after the end of July.

Platelets are tiny golden coloured cells in your blood, which help stop bleeding. These life-saving cells are made in your bone marrow. One Platelets donation could provide lifesaving transfusions for up to 12 children or 3 adults. Since they can only be stored for a few days, regular donations are always in urgent demand. 

Archery has been great fun and I definitely intend to continue with this hobby. I had one refresher lesson and entered my first 'Club Classification' event, (target shooting in the woods) with the King Forest Bowmen, with whom I am a member. They very thoughtfully put me with two 'mature' archers, Jimmy and Phil, who where superbly patient, tolerant and great at helping me find my lost arrows! In a 'Classification' event there are 14 targets to shoot at in your first round and then you go around again. It is possible to score 5 points with each arrow and you shoot 4 arrows at each target location. For those of you still following, that means it is possible to score a maximum of (5 points x 4 arrows = 20 points) x (14 targets x 2 = 28)

20 x 28 = 560 points theoretical maximum.

My score of 103 generously disguises the fact that I missed the target with all four arrows more often than not, however it is a starting point to be bettered and the round of archery with Phil and Jimmy is an experience I will never forget!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this quest to raise money for an excellent cause and to get healthier and have fun in the process. John

Addenbrookes-blood platelets donation

Wednesday 7th Jul
Got in early today so should be back home in time for the England game. 

Kings Forest

Tuesday 6th Jul
Arrived for my first shoot in a long, long time. No one here which suits me! Just got the bow set up and the heavens opened. Managed to fire off 8 arrows, the first this year! Onwards and upwards…
Skies are starting to clear. 

2 weeks in

Tuesday 6th Jul
Despite a busy run up to the end of term, (cakes and treats in the staffroom) I have resisted temptation and am feeling better for it.  Week 1, I lost 1.7kg, week 2 a further 2kg. Let's hope I can keep up the willpower.

The neighbours grass and bins are sorted.

I started a 6 week Health Smart programme at my local gym, which I have just rejoined. Only managed 3 visits in week 1,  however I did 4 visits last week, (2).

Archery stuff in the car.... Set off for the range, but after getting my haircut and a spot of shopping I ran out of time. Will go today!

My aim - support young people and the DofE and feel better in the process

Thursday 17th Jun

Do It 4 Youth, a DofE



Hi all,


I will be joining Mark and the Stephen Perse Team in taking part in Do It 4 Youth, a DofE inspired challenge, to raise money for young people across the UK. I will also be doing all 4 challenges and will be completing these sections through June and July. 


Get up ( Physical ) - I intend to lose weight (10kg)  and become healthier by attending the gym and swimming 4 times a week for the rest of June and the whole of July.


Skill up - I will be learning how to shoot a bow and arrow properly with a view to attending my first club shoot, the first weekend in August, (Covid allowing).


Free up ( Willpower ) - I will give up cakes, cookies, chocolate, crisps and coke for the rest of June and the whole of July.


Hand up ( Volunteering ) - I will be cutting my neighbours grass, putting their bins out and donating platelets for the rest of June and all of July.


Every pound raised will go towards helping young people from the toughest backgrounds across the UK to build life-long belief in themselves through DofE. If you would like to support me my link is below.



You can find out more about the challenge here


Thanks in advance,



Thank you to my Sponsors


Ian Wright

You have to do all 4. No giving up now. Don’t mention the 20th!


Matt, Kelly, Zoe & Harry

Good luck Dad/Grandpa/John we are all proud of you xxx



Good luck dad! 🤗



Good update, keep it up!



Very proud of you!



Keep up the great work!



You can do it. :-)

Do It 4 Youth

4 challenges. 4 weeks. All for youth.

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