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I’m fundraising for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

I'm taking on a challenge and fundraising for the DofE in support of young people across the UK.

The DofE help young people build life-long belief in themselves, supporting them to take on their own challenges, follow their passions, and discover talents they never knew they had. Because when you prove to yourself that you’re ready for anything, nothing can hold you back.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the UK’s youth facing more challenges than ever. As young people come out of lockdown, the DofE offers any and every young person the chance to build life-long skills and belief regardless of ability, interest or background. To feel able to do anything, achieve anything and overcome anything life throws their way, whatever their circumstance.

We're raising funds for the DofE so disadvantaged young people can take part in the DofE and build life-long belief in themselves and be ready for anything.

Please donate and help make a huge difference to young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the life-changing benefits of the DofE.

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Hand up

Friday 30th Jul
I’ve started my volunteering work with Plan International. Mainly, my work is to help with child sponsorship programs across the world. So far, I’ve helped with the connection between the sponsored children and sponsors.

Day 26-28

Monday 26th Jul
Late update.
Day 26: Tennis match, went fine
Day 27: Tennis match, let’s not talk about this
Day 28: 1.5 hours of tennis, brutal weather

That’s a wrap with Get up. 
Community work: delayed according to plan but starting this week.

Day 24-25

Wednesday 21st Jul
Day 24: core and skipping Day 25: 5k on the bike

Free up

Wednesday 21st Jul
The 4 weeks is over and I definitely feel healthier. It got hard mentally when people ate junk food in front of you. I would try to keep it like this and have the occasional cheat meal.

Day 23

Monday 19th Jul
7K on the bike.

Day 20-22

Sunday 18th Jul
I keep forgetting to take photos.
Day 20: home workout: skipping rope, planks
Day 21: 2 hours tennis
Day 22: lucky to beat the rain. Squeezed in 1 hour of tennis on a slightly wet court.

Day 18-19

Thursday 15th Jul
Day 18: 10km on the bike machine
Day 19: Swimming- 1 hour

Day 16 and 17

Tuesday 13th Jul
Day 16 and 17: tennis matches. Tough one for the team. 

Day 15

Sunday 11th Jul
Pretty intensive day today. 3 hours in the morning, 1.5 in the afternoon, and around an hour at night.

Day 14

Saturday 10th Jul
An hour today. Still hooping- trying to get less sorry every time on the court.

Day 9-13

Friday 9th Jul
Day 9-12: home workouts: skipping rope, dumbbell
Day 13: 1 hour of swimming

Day 8

Sunday 4th Jul
4 hours of tennis pretty early.

Day 6-7

Saturday 3rd Jul
Day 6: Had to relocate. 5k walk and an hour of basketball Day 7: 1.5 hrs of tennis. Stamina starting to slowly come back after the pause in between. Week 1 of Get Up done.

Day 5

Thursday 1st Jul
Back at it. A 5k walk with an hour of basketball🧱🧱🧱🧱. Filayyy🍇


Saturday 26th Jun
Got the second shot today, I’ll be resting for a couple days depending on how I feel. Be back active soon...

Day 4

Friday 25th Jun
Strava: Walk and a few 30 second-1 minute bursts- hill sprints. Gassed out extremely quickly.

Day 2 and 3: Physical

Thursday 24th Jun
Forgot to mention from the start: Physical Section- 4 weeks of getting in exercise every day whether it’s tennis, gym, swimming... 1 hr minimum. Running/walking 5k minimum Day 2: an hour of tennis narrowing down on technique right before the rain came Day 3: boxing- 1 hour, tennis- 1.5 hrs My slips are getting colder🥶


Wednesday 23rd Jun
Started from yesterday but I’ll be abandoning caffeine and junk food. Ice cream, pizza, chips, fast food out the window for 4 straight weeks.

The beginning

Tuesday 22nd Jun
Day 1 of Get Up in the books. Solid hour of swimming in a relaxed state of mind.

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