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I’m fundraising for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

I'm taking on a challenge and fundraising for the DofE in support of young people across the UK.

The DofE help young people build life-long belief in themselves, supporting them to take on their own challenges, follow their passions, and discover talents they never knew they had. Because when you prove to yourself that you’re ready for anything, nothing can hold you back.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the UK’s youth facing more challenges than ever. As young people come out of lockdown, the DofE offers any and every young person the chance to build life-long skills and belief regardless of ability, interest or background. To feel able to do anything, achieve anything and overcome anything life throws their way, whatever their circumstance.

We're raising funds for the DofE so disadvantaged young people can take part in the DofE and build life-long belief in themselves and be ready for anything.

Please donate and help make a huge difference to young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the life-changing benefits of the DofE.

During July I will be completing four challenges.

My challenges will include:

I will complete at least 3 x 5K runs (having struggled to run for 1 minute in May)

I will make Sticky Toffee Pudding for at least 30 people

I will not eat Chocolate or Crisps (I love wotsits)

I will pick litter up from the country lanes near my home for at least an hour every Sunday during July.  

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My Updates

DO IT FOR YOUTH Challenge completed!!

Monday 2nd Aug
I've done it, I have completed my four challenges.  Some were obviously easier than others however I completed them all with a smile on my face.  I have enjoyed this more than I ever thought, thanks Roy Smith for being a great Captain!!  I will keep on running, baking, litter picking, eating less chocolate but I will keep eating wotsits.  

Thankyou to everyone who has donated, it's a fantastic amount and I know it will be well spent! 

Free Up Completed 31st July 2021

Monday 2nd Aug
No chocolate or crisps Free up challenge completed!  Not as difficult as I thought, I might keep up with not eating chocolate but I celebrated on Sunday with a packet of Wotsits (just a smaller bag though)

Tenth and Last 5k Completed 30th July and 50k during July achieved!

Friday 30th Jul
I did it!  50k completed (actually 52.10k) since my first successful 5k on 6th July!  Todays was easier as I knew that the challenge was nearly over.  I also completed the 5k in my fastest time of 31 minutes and 45 secs so I now have a PB!  I also want to share that at the end of todays run, I did feel emotional and shed a little tear at what I have personally achieved and this is thanks to this challenge!!

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Smashed it 29.07.21

Thursday 29th Jul
Skill up challenge completed!  42 pieces of sticky toffee pudding ready for sharing and eating!  Lets hope it tastes as good as it looks!!  The donations for a slice of Sticky Toffee Pudding reached £50 yesterday, thank you !  Just added this to the donations!!

Ninth 5K completed on 28th July 2021!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 28th Jul
I am almost there, that was what I kept telling myself this morning.  Each run feels harder than the last, I feel tired and my muscles ache.  My body is feeling the impact of continual exercise after years without it but I have one more run to do and that is planned for Friday.

Tonight I will make Sticky Toffee Pudding for 30 and complete my Skill Up Challenge.  This will then be shared in the office tomorrow !

Still haven't had wotsits or chocolate ( this has been the easiest challenge so far) although I can't wait for Sunday when I will be treating myself to one of the those new giant bags of wotsits.. :-)
Monday 26th Jul
Monday 26th Jul

Seventh 5k completed on 23rd July 2021 !!!!!!!

Friday 23rd Jul
Completed this at 7am this morning!  Feeling really pleased with myself as I managed this run in my fastest time and in the hottest gym (as you can tell by my smiling sweaty face)!  I still can't believe that I now only have 3 more 5k runs to reach my goal of 50k by the end of July!  If I can do this anyone can...........

sixth 5k completed 20th July !

Tuesday 20th Jul
Hot, Hot, Hot!  5k number 6 completed Wow!  Felt better than the last couple although I cannot say it was any easier.  Whilst running ( to help take my mind off of it) I thought about how I really haven't missed chocolate but am looking forward to a 6 pack of Wotsits on 1st August..., I planned when I will make sticky toffee pudding for 30 people (29th July) and wondered how much litter I will collect on Sunday! Next run Friday 23rd ...Keep on running everyone!

Fifth 5K completed on 17th July!

Monday 19th Jul
This happened on Saturday.  I woke at 6.30am to blue sky and the heat outside was already building and I was booked in at the gym at 7.30am. The run was hard,  it was soooooo hot.   I think I completed this 5k in my fastest time yet (10 mins of the time included is warm up and warm down) and felt really pleased (and sweaty) with myself.....I will keep running !  Next run planned for Tuesday...

Fourth 5k completed on 14th July

Wednesday 14th Jul
This morning not only did I achieve my fourth 5k in July, I also graduated from couch to 5k!! The photos/summary are of my first run of couch to 5k on 14th May  and my last which was today 14th July.  So only 27 sessions in the gym and I made it!  Again this mornings 5K wasn't easy but I kept going with the hope that it will get easier and I did achieve my furthest run yet.  To celebrate, I am giving myself 2 days off of running so my next 5k attempt will me on 17th July! Earlier, I spoke with a colleague  who shared with me that he has a spare marathon place if I wanted one.....the thought of saying yes did go through my mind...however I politely declined - I am not ready for that one yet! But maybe one day....

Third 5k completed on 12th July!

Monday 12th Jul
I had a lot of reasons not to get up and go this morning, 2 weeks off and today was my first day back to work, England lost the final, it was raining hard and I felt very tired.  However,  I got up and I did it!  It did feel hard, my legs felt very heavy and I could have stopped more than once but I didn't and I achieved my goal of three 5K runs in July and the smile says it all.  Guess what...I am going to carry on and now see how many I can complete in July who knows, I might catch up with Roy or I might even get faster, lets wait and this space!

Second 5K completed on 10th July!

Monday 12th Jul
I think my face says it all! Having found the first 5k run ok, this one proved more difficult and I am not sure why that was! I could have stopped after 10 minutes but I kept going and I did it.  I can do this.....

First 5k completed on 6th July!

Monday 12th Jul
So.... this happened last week whilst I was on leave and I must say I felt very proud of myself!  It made me reflect on the feelings I had on 14th May when I began couch to 5k - how could I run for 60 secs? and now there I was running for 5k!  Brilliant  - I did it!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kelly Cogger


Lee-anne Farach

Well done Kelly brilliant effort (resisting the chocolate that is!)


Sandra Chester


Christine Impey

I know you can do this and beyond. Watch out Roy, Kelly is catching you up!!


Kelly Cogger


Helen Anderson

Amazing effort - keep going!


Anthony Pallett

Well done Kelly great effort. Your on a role, what's next?


Rhonda Barker

Hi Kelly, Well done you, particularly with the no chocolate and crisps! that's a fantastic result 50k. Not sure I could manage 50 feet at the moment. Rhonda. xxxxx


Paul Startup

Good luck Kelly


Rory Hoare



Sue Brunton-reed

You're an inspiration Kelly and I absolutely love your sticky toffee pudding! Keep up the good work.


Karen Kent

Enjoy the Wotsits!


Simon C

And not to be spent on Wotsits and chocolates…!


Teri Reynolds

Huge well done Kelly, your transformation is incredible.... but next time, can I have some sticky toffee pudding!?! xx


Sarah Champion

Amazing, well done Kelly!


Becky Cooper

Great effort, Kelly! Well done x



Well done Kelly. Loved the Sticky Toffee pudding!



Please post the sticky toffee pudding :-)


Christine Pitchers

Go Kelly, Go, you are amazing


Simon Plummer

Well done Kelly, that's a lot of running, and a great amount of money raised. I'm gutted I missed the Sticky Toffee pudding though! Simon


Leanne Peters

Well Done!



From Mash xx


Victoria Armah

Well Done Kelly My 3 girls all participated in DofE and received awards so I'm glad to support.



Well done Kelly, I am in awe of your amazing efforts and achievements!


Margaret Gresswell

Brilliant - good luck with your challenge Kelly!


Clare Foreman

Good Cause!


Parv Lalli

Good Luck Kelly


Aeilish Geldenhuys

I am willing to let the fact that I didn't get any of that sticky toffee pudding go because what you have done is bloody marvelous! Well done Patsy!!


Karen Harper

Well Done Kelly. This is brilliant High Five to you.


Sam Paterson

Well done Kelly, I admire the commitment to a variety of challenges.


Simon C

Had to round it up because £23 was such a silly amount! :)


Gemma Cooper

Amazing, so many challenges too, well done!!

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