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Tess Tree

DofE Wales - The Gower Walk

I’m fundraising for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

As young people navigate the after-effects of the pandemic, along with a mental health and cost-of-living crisis, access to opportunities for personal development can help them discover new talents and passions, build their resilience and self-belief and give them vital skills employers value – like teamwork, problem-solving and leadership.

The DofE is working to break down barriers so that all young people have the chance to take part – particularly those who might face barriers, like young people living in poverty or who have additional needs.In the true spirit of the DofE, I’m taking on the challenge of the Gower walk to help support young people as they face unprecedented challenges.

I’ve chosen this charity because the DofE is needed more than ever. It gives all young people aged 14-25 the chance to have fun, discover new passions and talents, develop vital skills, and grow in resilience and self-belief – so they’re ready for anything.

The DofE’s working to make sure all young people have the chance to take part – with a focus on breaking down barriers for marginalised young people or those who require specialist support.

I need your help to give more young people from all backgrounds in Wales the chance to do their DofE – benefitting them and their wider communities. Diolch yn fawr!


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Wednesday 23rd Aug

Thank you to my Sponsors


Martin Worth


Jonathan Pierce


Karen Schumacher

Go for it Tree - I think you’re amazing!




Simon Day

Go Tess!


Anthony Dean

Fantastic work Tree! What a great feat for a great cause x


Eva Elliott

Go Tree! x


Caroline Boyce

Good luck Tess!


Catrin Elliott-williams


Christine Brotherton

Good luck Tree , good cause 👍


Dave Blunt


Laurence Brotherton

Well done, Auntie Tess


Joe Worth

Good luck hope the hat comes in handy x


Beverley Watson

Good luck Tree! 🙌


Julie Constantine

Climb every mountain...


John & Gillian Brotherton

Good luck Tree


Linda Evans

Good luck Tree!



Go Lagertha x x


Tom Worth

Good luck Mum! Smash it xx


Jamie Maticic

Go on chuck!

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