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Brandon's story

01 Aug 2020

Brandon is registered blind and at fourteen years old started his Bronze Award with Sheffield Futures.  

Brandan Gray decided to start his DofE because he wanted to try new things such as camping and volunteering. 

Sheffield Futures exists to provide opportunities to all young people, regardless of their background. It is an organisation that is there to give help and guidance to disadvantaged young people, whatever their situation.  

Since starting his DofE, Brandon feels fitter. “I would have usually just stayed in the house all day, eating chocolates and biscuits. Getting outside and walking more often has made my body feel much healthier.” 

“It has made my life more interesting and more exciting. It’s been better than just being stuck in the house all day and it has given me skills to use in the future. 

I’ve learned how to cook my own lunch, tea and breakfast – outside! I know how to put a tent up and how to cook on a stove. I’ve also learned to play the piano as my skill. The climbing I did as my Physical section helped me to get a lot stronger. The whole programme has shown me that if you work as a team, you can achieve your goals and do things you’ve never done before.

My most memorable experience was tackling the stiles on my expedition. Some of them took me ages to get over as they were very high. My team helped me when I need some encouragement.

I think doing your DofE helps young people to get outside. It is a great way to make new friends from your own school and other schools. I would tell other people who might think about doing their DofE that it is great fun and you should definitely get involved!” 

By fundraising for the DofE you're helping young people like Brandon.

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