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Lowri's story

01 Aug 2020

Lowri has completed all three levels of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in just three years at National Star, a specialist college for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties, where she is studying creative and performing arts.

Born with holes in her heart and Down’s Syndrome, Lowri has persevered through the challenging expedition and other activities. For her Gold Award, she supported peers at National Star, volunteered at the charity’s animal club and recommended improvements to accessibility in stately home gardens.

She has enjoyed learning new things, feels happier and more confident as a result of completing the DofE, and believes the skills she has gained will help her in the future:

It’s absolutely amazing, I learnt how to use a compass and ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’! I feel happy and more confident. The skills I have learnt will help in my future in everyday life, like listening to others and working together as a team.”

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