I’m fundraising for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

I'm taking on a challenge and fundraising for the DofE in support of young people across the UK.

The DofE help young people build life-long belief in themselves, supporting them to take on their own challenges, follow their passions, and discover talents they never knew they had. Because when you prove to yourself that you’re ready for anything, nothing can hold you back.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the UK’s youth facing more challenges than ever. As young people come out of lockdown, the DofE offers any and every young person the chance to build life-long skills and belief regardless of ability, interest or background. To feel able to do anything, achieve anything and overcome anything life throws their way, whatever their circumstance.

We're raising funds for the DofE so disadvantaged young people can take part in the DofE and build life-long belief in themselves and be ready for anything.

Please donate and help make a huge difference to young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the life-changing benefits of the DofE.

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Official Photography Me

Monday 14th Jun

Official Photography Me and Oliver Phelps

Monday 14th Jun

Mini Pizzas

Monday 14th Jun
Skill Up: Cooking & Baking. Ham, Chicken and Mushroom, Cheese and Onion with Mixed Herbs and Ham and Mushroom with Mixed Herbs (also did create a Ham and Pineapple not pictured).

Sausage Rolls Homemade Pastry

Monday 14th Jun
Skill Up: Cooking & Baking. Sausage Rolls with Homemade Pastry.

Sausage Rolls Store Brought Pastry

Monday 14th Jun
Skill Up: Cooking & Baking. Sausage Rolls with Store Brought Pastry.

Stuffed Peppers

Monday 14th Jun
Skill Up: Cooking and Baking. Each Stuffed Pepper includes Chicken, Rice, Peas, Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion, Paprika and Mixed Herbs.

Newspaper Article

Friday 11th Jun
On Do It 4 Youth’s official launch date (the 10th), I spoke with Matthew Panter who writes articles for the Express and Paper star about my DofE Journey and why I think Do It 4 Youth and getting disadvantaged young people involved  is important. This paper should be released as of next week and I will try to share the link to access that on here.

Why I think Do it 4 Youth is important

Saturday 29th May
I think the Do it 4 Youth scheme is so important, especially after the last year we’ve had. It gives people of any age or ability the chance to push themselves out of their comfort zone, get active and have something positive to focus on, in learning new skills or brushing up on existing ones and of course in feeling proud for raising money to support disadvantaged young people do their DofE programme.

I had my own struggles with mental health growing up which were quite debilitating and a lot of young people may already experiencing other pressures. The DofE, in my opinion, shows that people can have a good quality of life after experiencing issues and can give people taking part in the programme a “second chance”.

For me, it’s helped in building confidence, providing something exciting to do and focus on, it has made up for a lot of missed opportunities and invaluable skills which I may not have learnt otherwise and of course a great sense of achievement comes with doing the DofE.

In supporting disadvantaged young people have the unique experience of the DofE, we’ll also be supporting them in learning those skills for future education, work and general life.

I strongly believe that every young person has potential but not every person has the opportunity to discover and show that.

Let’s make sure that no young person misses out!

Challenges I’m participating in

Saturday 29th May
Get Up: Walking and exploring more areas near me.

Give Up: I’m giving up all social media as I’m hoping to increase my productivity and time for myself.

Skill Up: I’m learning some cooking and baking skills, which do need some work.

Hand Up: I’m going to be helping out in Food Banks and hoping I’ll gain a different perspective from doing this.

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